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Mayawati’s garland 21 lakh ? Pretty unlikely …

I watched the NDTV news report about Mayawati’s garland in utter disgust at not just the revolting show of excess but also the utter disregard to the value of Indian currency. I was even more appalled at the BSP minion justify the garland and put the figure of 21 lakhs for it’s value. That instinctively struck me at BS. That number does not even seem statistically possible.

Considering the 21 lakh amount, if that were true, it would imply that the garland was made of 2100, one thousand rupee notes. Looking at even a low resolution picture of that garland, a conservative estimate would put one layer within the garland to be at least made up of 10 notes. So, that would imply that for a 21 lakh rupee worth of garland to be made up of just 210 such layers. Is that even possible ? Take a look at the pictures again. I’m willing to bet at least 50 notes make up a layer. The number of layers that make up the garland is a proper mathematician’s task. I think any mathematician worth his degree would be interested in calculating this. I hope some Indian mathematician actually does it.

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So here I go …

…just created yet another blog that I may soon abandon !

Well, the motivation for creating this one tho’ is pretty strong though. I frequently stumble upon cool tech stuff or discover new hacks or learn new tricks to increase my productivity and each time I do, I feel like telling everybody about it …so there – that’s what this blog’s for.

Furthermore, I also know this, while some people may be interested in some of the stuff I write here, nobody is interested in reading about my life (marvin has a better life than mine) or about my travels (zaphod’s are more exciting) or my deep, interesting views on life, the universe and everything. If that last statement left you feeling confused and lost you might as well move along …there’s nothing to see here.