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Your computer will restart several times

Ok, the fact that I have finally decided to finally (re)start[1] blogging, should possibly provide a hint about just how excited I am to speak about this.

BTW, this post will make no sense whatsoever to anyone who has installed a windows OS in say the last 6 years (that was how long back I did my last windows install)

Now, on to the post.

I had a very interesting weekend, on a totally whacked out impulse I decided that I am going to install Microsoft Windows 7 beta …on my laptop ….without taking a backup !!

Before you start calling me names tho’, hear me out — I already had the XP install which came on the laptop (which I bought about 3 months ago), on one of my partitions. So I didn’t have to go through the motions of preparing for that most unthoughtful guest (who refuses to even acknowledge any one else exists).

So, now the only remaining question was, do I gamble away the data that has accumulated over the period of 3 months (judging by my horrible experiences of creating dual boot systems back in the day, it did seem like a gamble …at least to me).

So, anyways, I decide to do it — for the sheer trip !

I go to the M$ site, to download the ISO which you are suppose to burn on a DVD (that’s the only option btw, quaint, isn’t it ?). Anyways, next they gave me a registration key (wow ! I’ve not see one of those in a long time) …which they advised I /print/ out (again, how quaint).

I then boot the DVD, and land up on the first screen, which asks for language/keyboard selection …boring stuff, but next, I see a screen which simply says ‘Install now’ with an arrow pointing right !

Exciting huh ? Remember, at this point I have no idea whether clicking the arrow would just go ahead and wipe my disk clean and happily ‘Install now’ ! I think a bit and rationalize that the folks at M$ are nasty but not really stupid. They’d probably ask you first. So I go ahead and click the blessed arrow.

Next I see something that instantly paid off the gamble by giving me a hearty laugh ! The ELUA ! *booo …scarrry* …after reading through the crap and laughing like a stoned pot-head for sometime, I accept and move ahead.

Here you go, I finally see that my data *might* not be lost — The partition selection screen. Ok, so I select the XP partition, click on ‘Format’ (from the ‘Drive options (advanced)’ option) and pray that the installer understands what I just told it.

Well, now, I wouldn’t know for a couple of hours. The installation had begun !

…and it also kindly notified me that ‘Your computer will restart several times during the install’ !!!

Man it was quite a trip !!! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t installed windows in say 6 years. I mean the feeling of fear (of, possibly unrecoverable, data), the uncertainty of the screens you’ll see next, and the excitement of doing something dirty and _not right_ (ehe …installing windows to those of you who are wondering) ….it is all quite thrilling.

Well, most of you won’t know what I am talking about and think I am crazy …but to you linux geeks out there, for whom, booze, pot and jumping off cliffs no longer *does* much, I’ll recommend trying out something that M$ itself claims is beta quality on a not-exactly-disposable system without taking a backup !

Epilogue: The trip kinda tapered off after the install completed and I had to reinstalled grub to get back to my F10 install.

[1] for the nth time