This is the mostly ignored web site of lonetwin. He is too lazy to maintain an active blog. He uses this web space mostly as storage. You really should be doing something better than looking at this. Go now, I won’t tell anybody you were here.

  1. Rajesh Pandian

    Funny šŸ˜€

  2. Hi Steve,

    Love your blog. particularly your theme(?!) šŸ‘æ . Where can I find such themes? What licenses do they have?


  3. @Yogesh: Thanks for the compliment. Well, this blog and site runs on wordpress. So, I just searched for this theme from the wordpress admin control panel (theme-install.php under the wordpress admin control panel). The current theme is called zBench. The link is in the footer.

  4. And I didn’t know till now that you have a blog!

  5. interesting read!:)

  6. Gud lord,

    If I may ask u where do u get all this from and Mr. Lonetwin u actually have that kind of free time then help me for a cause if u think u can then leave a mesg for me on my id.

    I hope i make complete sense to u…

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