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Passive Aggressive, who me ?

I like to think of my self as a peaceful composed person who doesn’t get rattled too easily. Yes, i do have my peeves and yes, I might not appear to be calm and composed all the time but people who know me, know that I don’t get angry too often. Mildly annoyed, irritated, frustrated and agitated at times …rarely in fact, but not furious.

Few people have witnessed me really angry and more often than not they are confused why something seemingly insignificant or at the worst mildly annoying trigged off that fury.

I felt angry today.

So, I decided to examine that feeling and tried to analyse how I reacted. Now, ever since I heard the term passive aggressive, I was confused about it, it seemed to fit what I felt and the manner I react when I am angry, that is to say — I would be passive but also deliberately subversive/non-cooperative and clamed up until the time something triggered out all out active aggression. So, anyway, I looked it up:

Passive aggressive behaviour at wikipedia

Seems pretty close to what I am like, at least when I’m angry. However, on further reading, I am not too sure I want to be called passive aggressive. Although I am ok with been known as mostly passive in fact downright nice, perhaps non-confrontational but who can get aggressive in all sorts of surprisingly uncharacteristic rages if pushed too far.

What does one call that ?

Well, doesn’t matter, I feel better now (reading always does that to me), I also feel like putting this out there — When nice people accept all the crap and nonsense you send their way, they are just being nice. They are not stupid or easily manipulated or too dumb to realize that you are trying to handle/manage them. They are being nice because they know what’s important in the long run. Don’t push it though, because suddenly you’ll wake up one morning and find the whole day shitting all over you.

Enough ranting. Have a good one ! šŸ™‚