keyword search in firefox

Firefox is a great browser (you already knew that, right ?). Firefox’s nice keywords facility can be used for a neat search trick. IMHO, It is best used for a directed search engine that digs specific data (For example, a bugzilla search, imdb search, lxr search ..etc). To make use of this …

  1. Go to a site which offers a simple search facility (eg: imdb, lxr, your local bugzilla)
  2. Place the cursor within the search box
  3. Right click and select “Add a Keyword for this Search…”
  4. Give your new search shortcut a name
  5. Give your new search shortcut a short keyword (for example, I use bz for my bugzilla search, lxr for lxr)

You are done !!

To try out your new keyword search shortcut, open a new tab (Ctrl+T), place the cursor at the location bar (Ctrl+L), type out your keyword followed by the search term(s) (For example, assuming you added keyword “bz” for the search at, then, typing “bz 95849” in the location bar will show you this).

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